Announcement: the company cooperates with large electric machinery factory to produce medical anti e

Time:2020-07-07 09:49:55| Author:Highmag

 Since the outbreak of covid-19 at the beginning of 2020, haimeige company has responded to the call of the state to timely organize the resumption of work and production, and actively cooperated with the production of parts for medical facilities.

The medical materials produced by our company include ventilator magnets, medical disinfectant spray magnets, various magnetic materials for surgical operation, magnetic materials for dental ultrasonic motors and MIM medical devices. Among them, the magnet for ventilator is produced by the group's Beijing factory, and the magnet and its components of brushless motor for disinfection and external technology surgery are produced by Shenzhen haimeige factory.

It is estimated that the output value of medical magnetic materials produced by the company will exceed 10 million yuan in 2020, among which the annual demand for rare earth magnetic materials for medical use of a foreign enterprise is expected to be one million pieces.
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